Lahore Ramadan Timings Calendar 2022 | Sehri & Iftar Time Table

Lahore Ramadan Timings

Lahore Ramadan Timing 2022

Today, April 8, 2022, is the Islamic Hijri date of 06 Ramadan 1443. The Sehri time in Lahore is 04:19 and the Iftar time is 6:28 in the city. The complete 30 days of Ramadan calendar for Lahore in 2022 can be see in Below.

Ramadan Calendar 2022 Lahore

104:26 AM6:24 PM03 Apr 2022
204:24 AM6:25 PM04 Apr 2022
304:23 AM6:26 PM05 Apr 2022
404:21 AM6:26 PM06 Apr 2022
504:20 AM6:27 PM07 Apr 2022
604:19 AM6:28 PM08 Apr 2022
704:17 AM6:28 PM09 Apr 2022
804:16 AM6:29 PM10 Apr 2022
904:15 AM6:30 PM11 Apr 2022
1004:13 AM6:30 PM12 Apr 2022
1104:12 AM6:31 PM13 Apr 2022
1204:10 AM6:32 PM14 Apr 2022
1304:09 AM6:32 PM15 Apr 2022
1404:08 AM6:33 PM16 Apr 2022
1504:06 AM6:34 PM17 Apr 2022
1604:05 AM6:34 PM18 Apr 2022
1704:04 AM6:35 PM19 Apr 2022
1804:02 AM6:36 PM20 Apr 2022
1904:01 AM6:36 PM21 Apr 2022
2004:00 AM6:37 PM22 Apr 2022
2103:58 AM6:38 PM23 Apr 2022
2203:57 AM6:38 PM24 Apr 2022
2303:56 AM6:39 PM25 Apr 2022
2403:54 AM6:40 PM26 Apr 2022
2503:53 AM6:40 PM27 Apr 2022
2603:52 AM6:41 PM28 Apr 2022
2703:51 AM6:42 PM29 Apr 2022
2803:49 AM6:42 PM30 Apr 2022
2903:48 AM6:43 PM01 May 2022
3003:47 AM6:44 PM02 May 2022
Ramadan Calendar 2022 Lahore

Lahore Ramadan Timing Today

It’s 06 Ramadan 1443 today, on Friday, April 8, 2022. Ramadan Calendar 2022 Lahore talks about Lahore Ramadan times, like today’s Sehri Time at 04:19 and the time for Iftar at 6:28 in Lahore.

There is a slight difference between Fiqa Jafria Sehr and Iftar Time in Lahore. Shia Sehri is at 4:09, and Iftar is at 6:38, so both times are the same.

There are many different ways to say Ramadan in other parts of the world, like Ramzan, Ramzan, Ramazan, Ramadhan, and Ramathan. However, this name has many different spellings. People in Lahore have other Iftar times each year. The Islamic calendar is usually ten to twelve days shorter than the Georgian calendar, and the time changes each year. Because so many people use the Ramadan calendar 2022 Lahore to check the Roza or Iftar time and the Lahore Sehri time, it is good to look at it.

Muslims who live in Lahore can keep up with the Ramadan Calendar 2022 Lahore and figure out how many hours they have to fast. Besides Sehri or Suhoor and Iftar time in Lahore today, you can also see prayer times, the direction of the Qibla, and other information about Lahore on different pages.

There are many good things about this Ramadan calendar 2022 Lahore schedule, like that it covers a lot of different towns in Lahore. These towns include Ravi and Shalamar and Wagha and Aziz Bhatti Town. The time for Iftar in other parts of Lahore is about the same, but the distance between them makes a difference. As a general rule, it’s best to stop eating about one or two minutes before the last Lahore Sehri time. Ramadan 1443 is a calendar for the month of Ramadan. You can use this calendar to do your fasting at the right time for your town. With the updated Ramadan calendar 2022 Lahore timetable, you can also learn about sunrise time in Lahore.

One of the two things that people in Lahore see during Ramadan is the NGO’s Iftar drive and the food on the street. Iftar’s charity drive has grown into a big deal. Charity is a big part of Islam, so this is why. With the start of Ramadan, Lahoris don’t hesitate to help people in need. They helped their citizens in Lahore and other cities with ration drives, and Pakistanis did the same for their people.

People who work for NGOs like RIZQ and many of their DASTARKHWAN projects are now at the front lines of the Ramadan drive. Several people have been getting help from NGOs for years because they couldn’t afford Sehri or Iftar.

Getting food on the go is the main thing to do in Lahore. During Ramadan, Lahore looks more lively because of its tasty, juicy, and cheap street food. Lahore is the heart of Pakistan, but it’s also the place to get the best street food in the whole country. From dishes like Nihari, Lassi, Sajji, Butt Karahi, and many more, you can get many ideas.

Many people from all over the world have seen the famous fast-food places in this city. It’s Ramadan now, so you might be looking for a place where food lovers can go to find heaven in food. Then, here are some of the most well-known locations and foods. They can be on your to-do list as you keep going on your food tour of Lahore.

Lahore street food is the best thing to eat with your friends for the iftar meal. Old Anarkali Food Street, M.M. Alam Road, Lakshmi Chowk, etc. If you’re in Lahore, you can eat at a cheap and tasty restaurant. Every street shop has fish, faloda, gol gappy, Kabab, Tikka, and many other things you can buy there. There are also some well-known restaurants and cafes down the lane.

What is Sheri’s Time Today?

Many people use the Ramadan calendar 2022 Lahore to find out what time it is for suhoor or for Lahore Sehri in the time. It will be 2 hours and 9 minutes before Sehri Time on April 8, 2022.

What is Iftar Time in Lahore?

Sehri time in Lahore for Ramadan 2022 is different from Roza or Iftar time. The difference is how long each fasting day lasts. Iftar time in Lahore today can help you open quickly. It will be 6:28 pm in Lahore today and 6:28 pm in Lahore tomorrow.

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